Platform State

When necessary, Paradigm will communicate information about the platform state via UI banners, API, or Web-socket updates. The updates will include information about the estimated time of transition between different states.

Markets can only be in three market availability states:


    • Normal trading with no restrictions.


    • No actions are allowed in this state.

    • You will not be able to Create, Amend, or Cancel your orders.


    • Creating and Amending of orders are not allowed in this state.

    • Order Cancellations are allowed.

    • You may retrieve information from the API via [GET] requests.

The sequence of platform state changes will always be:

1️⃣ Available → 2️⃣ Unavailable → 3️⃣ Available Cancel-Only → 1️⃣ Available

During any platform states changes, Paradigm will not cancel users’ orders on their behalf.

When the platform state is Unavailable, both UI and API users will not be able to cancel their orders on the platform. Users are reminded to cancel their orders before the platform goes into maintenance, or during the AVAILABLE_CANCEL_ONLY state.

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