Maker Protection

Market Maker Protection (MMP)

Market Maker Protection (MMP) protects Makers from rapid executions of orders in the market.

MMP is triggered when, as a Maker, two of your resting orders are executed upon within a one second rolling window.

When triggered:

  • All of the desks' existing Orders, for the product wherein the protection was triggered, are canceled by Paradigm.

  • The desk is unable to create additional orders until the protection has been removed.

To remove this protection, users are able to immediately request the [PATCH] /v1/{product}/mmp/status/ endpoint. The protection is automatically removed within 10 seconds of trigger by Paradigm without any necessary interaction by the user.

This feature is enabled for all Paradigm users and cannot be disabled. The conditions of MMP being triggered cannot be configured by the user.

This applies only to products a part of Unified Markets, specifically RFQ's & Orderbooks.

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