High-Level Notes

Your solution should

  • Use the JSON-RPCoverWebSocket interface to receive real-time updates about events.

  • For JSON-RPCoverWebSocket connections, ensure a heartbeat has been initiated and is being maintained.

  • Use the RESToverHTTP interface to interact with Paradigm.

  • Wait for responses to RESToverHTTP requests to confirm successful or erroneous interactions.

  • Ensure each request has the necessary authentication attributes as each request must be authenticated.

Your solution should not

  • Use the RESToverHTTP interface to poll for event updates.

  • Use the JSON-RPCoverWebSockets interface to send payload requests to Paradigm.

Taker Limits & Maker Protections

Paradigm enforces a number of limitations to ensure markets operate fairly and discourage negative practices. These limitations to specific user actions are at the sole discretion of Paradigm with changes communicated as they occur.

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